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Download the Kubu app

The Kubu app connects your doors to your phone and lets you see whether your door is locked or unlocked.

Plug in the home hub

The home hub connects your door module to your app through your home wi-fi.

Insert the door module

When inserted into your Kubu equipped door, the door module transmits a message to the home hub.

Home perimeter feature

When you walk away from your home, Kubu will send you a notification if your doors are unlocked.

Yale lock

All of our doors can be supplied with the Yale Lock, one of the UK’s securest locking systems. For more information get in touch with us today.

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Keep your home Kubu safe

Kubu is today’s smart way to keep your home secure. More than simply a door lock, Kubu is a complete interactive home security system that monitors your door lock in real time, and notifies you if your door is locked or unlocked direct from the Kubu app on your phone. You also benefit from smart notifications, while remaining with the traditional way of locking by using a key.

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The Kubu kit

The kit comprises the Kubu door module, the Kubu hub, plug unit for the home hub, batteries for the door module, and the Kubu setup cards. Along with the items in the kit, the Kubu door security system also includes the Kubu app that connects your doors to your phone.

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Using Kubu

Download the Kubu app to connect your doors to your phone. Plug in the home hub to connect your doors to your home wi-fi. Place the door module into your Kubu Equipped door. The module transmits a message to the home hub, which connects to the Kubu app, informing you of your door status.

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The home hub

The hub connects to the door module and app and lights blue if your doors
are locked, and orange if they’re unlocked. You can check the status of your doors on the Kubu app. The app’s perimeter feature stops you leaving your door unlocked. You can schedule notifications when you want, see the history of your doors, and even share your door with family and friends.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality

We expect nothing less than excellence here at Stedek. Whether it’s products, service or aftercare, quality makes up the core of our ethos. We’re so confident in the quality we have on offer here that we offer a 10 year guarantee on our whole range, as standard.

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