Residence Collection oak effect french door


More than any other fabricator in the UK, Stedek, increasingly known for its uncompromising commitment to ‘Residence Excellence’, is focused on product quality and customer satisfaction.

Starting life as a small family manufacturer making windows for its own installations in 1994, the company has never lost sight of that ethos despite undergoing extensive growth in the years since.

Thanks initially to founder Steve Page, and now to son-turned-Managing Director Alex Page and Sales Director Richard Hammond, Stedek has a very clear philosophy that is drilled into every employee – ‘if a product isn’t good enough to be installed into your own home, it’s not good enough to leave the factory’.

MD since 2016, Alex has spent most of his life working at Stedek. He’s worked his way up from the shop floor to management and has an intimate knowledge of every aspect of the business.

His attention to detail is legendary, and no-one on the team can falsely blame the machinery or the profile when it’s human error at fault – as an experienced fabricator himself, Alex can tell the difference.

Despite shouldering the responsibilities of running a business, Alex continues to lead by example, as Richard Hammond explains:

“Both myself and Alex have a very hands-on management philosophy. Recently, Alex spent two days on the shop floor supporting the welding team, helping them improve their skills and showing them that the work could be done to an excellent standard first-time while still making efficiencies. This isn’t unusual.”

Obsessive attention to detail is something demonstrated throughout the business. Rigorous QC checks take place at every stage of production to ensure the highest standards, and machinery is subjected to much more regular maintenance and calibration checks than at many other fabricators.

The company also pays an unusual level of attention to presentation and organisation.

“We never take shortcuts when our customers’ reputations are on the line,” says Richard. “Whatever we do, positive or negative, will reflect on them, and so we do our utmost to make the best possible impression.

“We always ensure our products are well-wrapped and protected when we deliver them, and they always arrive via our own transport – never via third-party couriers.”

Behind the scenes, particular emphasis is placed on maintaining a tidy shop floor and ensuring storage areas are well-organised, allowing for the most efficient service and shortest lead times possible.

What’s more, the company is constantly reinvesting profits to further improve the quality of the products and services they provide. The last eighteen months alone have seen the firm invest well over £300k in a Graf cutting and machining centre, a Graf welder, an Urban CNC cleaner and a bank of twelve Jade end-millers.

The new machinery has formed part of extensive preparations made to allow Stedek to begin offering products from DW3’s much-celebrated Residence Collection.

“At Stedek, we want to be renowned country-wide as providers of ‘Residence Excellence’,” Richard explains. “What that means is simple. R9, R7 and R2 are phenomenal products – the finest timber-and aluminium alternatives on the market. But the way so many fabricators put them together, they’re not achieving their full potential.

“Even from an average fabricator, a Residence Collection product will still look impressive – the core system is that good. But done properly, the way Stedek do it, they’re best-in-class.

“Everyone knows that the Collection offers outstanding performance and market-leading authenticity. But in our view, one of its greatest strengths is its versatility. It excels at matching the historic look of 19th Century Timber, but there’s much more to it than that.

“In R2, for example, it offers a premium-quality, high-performance alternative to powder-coated aluminium with its bold, squared look, particularly when finished in Eclectic Grey. R7 provides a solution where 100mm outer-frame is too disruptive, but without compromising sash width or all-important kerb appeal.

“Whatever the application, the Residence Collection is always a strong choice – and, with a vast array of colour choices available from stock, there’s a Residence solution for every flush casement application.”