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Over 8,000 in England

There are over 8,000 conservation areas in England alone.

Article 4 Directions

These are made by a local planning authority and they restrict permitted development rights

Check with the local planning authority

Contact the local planning authority to see if any Article 4 Directions are in place, prior to performing any installation work

Plan in advance

Local planning authorities can take several months to make a decision on building proposals

Manufacturers of the Residence collection

The Residence collection are some of the most authentic looking timber alternative windows on the market. The Residence 9 collection, in particular, have been designed using the exact designs of old cottage windows. This means that they are regularly approved for use in conservation areas.

Featuring flush sashes, 65mm sash and frame sightlines and a mere 100mm frame depth, they replicate traditional designs to the fullest extent. Bespoke Georgian bars and hardware complete the genuine timber aesthetic. As trusted fabricators of the Residence range, we at Stedek are the ideal partner for installers who are looking to undertake work in these areas.

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Residence collection authenticity chart

Matching the historically documented dimensions of traditional timber windows and Article 4 planning guidelines, the Residence 9 collection feature a timeless flush sash exterior that maximises kerbside appeal and enables them to attain a true 19th century timber window aesthetic.

Historical Sizes Residence 9 Sizes
Window Type Flush Sash Flush Sash
Sash Sightline 2.5" (65mm) 2.5" (65mm)
Frame Sightline 2.5" (65mm) 2.5" (65mm)
Frame Depth 3.75" (95mm) 4" (100mm) (Covers old paint line)
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We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality

We expect nothing less than excellence here at Stedek. Whether it’s products, service or aftercare, quality makes up the core of our ethos. We’re so confident in the quality we have on offer here that we offer a 10 year guarantee on our whole range, as standard.

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