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First-class energy efficiency

Thanks to their multi-chambered outer frame and ability to include triple glazing, Residence Doors can achieve energy ratings of A++

Aesthetic versatility

Available in 26 stunning finishes, a Residence Door looks indistinguishable from timber without the extensive upkeep

Gorgeous hardware

Choose from a a huge range of handles from modern to traditional monkey tail and tear drop, and finishes like Pewter, Antique Bronze and Brushed Steel

Highly secure

Residence Doors can be supplied in accordance with PAS24 and Document Q

Precision craftsmanship

For nearly a decade, Stedek have been perfecting what we call Residence Excellence - simply put, fabrication with flawless attention to detail.

Residence Doors are meticulously crafted to ensure perfect fit and finish every time. The all-important sightlines around the door need to look just right, and great fabrication is at the heart of a beautiful finished product.

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Tailored solutions

Every homeowner has unique preferences. Residence Doors offer a versatile range of styles, colours, and hardware options, allowing you to cater to your clients' individual tastes. From traditional to contemporary, you'll have the tools to bring their vision to life

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Enduring durability

At Stedek, we pride ourselves on providing products that are built to last. As an installer, you can confidently offer your clients doors that are resistant to warping, cracking, and fading – ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality

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The Stedek difference

By choosing Residence Doors from Stedek, you're choosing to exceed your clients' expectations. A decade of experience honing Residence Collection products to an art means you’ll be installing a statement piece that transforms their living space.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality

We expect nothing less than excellence here at Stedek. Whether it’s products, service or aftercare, quality makes up the core of our ethos. We’re so confident in the quality we have on offer here that we offer a 10 year guarantee on our whole range, as standard.

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