White hinge

After months of research, development and testing the new SFS door hinge for the Residence collection Flush door is finally here and provides a wealth of features and benefits to installers. 

With sightlines critical to the perfect finish a few millimetres of adjustment can make all the difference in making your Residence Collection door set look perfect and with 6mm Horizontal (+/- 3mm) 8mm Vertical (-2 / +6mm) and 4mm Compression (+/-2mm) you can be certain of leaving your Residence collection flush door perfectly aligned and working smoothly, just as it should,

We know that ease of adjustment makes the biggest difference on site but before its gets there you can confidently specify the hinge to your customers knowing that they are from one of the industry’s leading hinge specialists SFS. As usual SFS have ensured this latest hinge meets the Police approved standard for security right out the box having been rigorously tested to PAS24:2016 the “Enhanced Security” test recognised throughout the UK, there is no need for unsightly hinge protectors, and as it is so strong we will only need to supply 3 hinges per leaf instead of the usual 4 leaving more room for the beautify flush sightlines of the Residence collection door profile. 

So, whether you are installing R7 R2 or the flagship R9 flush doors, start to ask for the SFS door hinge by name on your survey and install with confidence, security and that all important adjustability.