With quality always at the core of our ethos, it was a no brainer to extend our product range with a Timberweld license. Starting 2021 in style, we have invested in new equipment to begin manufacturing all of our beautiful flush sash window and door products for our customers.

“We decided that Timberweld was the perfect fit for Stedek and now is the right time to invest and upgrade our machinery. Timberweld® technology compliments our existing high quality range of products, brands and manufacturing processes.” said Richard Hammond, Stedek Sales Director. “A method that would ensure the edges could be completely sealed, whilst presenting the appearance of a traditional butt joint that customers associate with wooden window frames.”

Impressed with the finished appearance and quality of the Timberweld joint, we now plan to fabricate all of our flush window and door sash products with the new technology, and in doing so bring significant benefits to our installer network.

One such benefit is that rather than bonding the glass to the window, in most cases it can be fitted on-site, which will certainly please fitters! And with improvements in both quality and consistency, the manufacturing process becomes more efficient, making for reduced lead times and increased capacity.

We are one of only 15 companies in the UK with a Timberweld license. This unique flush sash welded system provides a truly authentic traditional timber look that improves technical performance, improves dimensional accuracy and is also cost-effective to manufacture at scale.

Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind Timberweld® adds “We are delighted that Stedek are on board with their new license and wish them every success going forward with their future plans”