Let’s be honest. There are plenty fabricators who can provide The Residence Collection range of windows and doors. 

Some of them might even offer The Residence Collection range with the same Timberweld system of welded mechanical joints that we at Stedek offer our customers.

All well and good, but those two factors don’t complete the unique, end to end solution that we at Stedek are committed to providing.

So exactly what is it that makes the Stedek better?

The Timberweld butt joint.

Let’s start with the Timberweld flush sash welding system that creates the appearance of a traditional butt joint, but with completely sealed edges.  

Timberweld not only preserves the aesthetics of the original mechanically jointed windows, but removes the need for glass bonding to make on-site installation that much easier.

Stedek offer Timberweld on the full Residence Collection range of R9, R7, R2 windows and RD.  

The unique SFS hinge.

Another standard fitment on Stedek’s Residence Door range is the unique SFS hinge, well known for its quality and longevity.

For the installer, the SFS Flush hinge provides a wealth of features and benefits, not least of which is the option to make adjustments on site.  

Sightlines are critical to creating a perfect finish, and a few milometers of adjustment can make all the difference when installing the Residence Door.

The hinge comes with 6mm Horizontal (+/- 3mm) 8mm Vertical (-2/+6mm) and 4mm Compression (+/- 2mm). This means the installer can make sure that the doors fit flush, are perfectly aligned and working smoothly.

The Stedek Excellence ethic.  

Our uncompromising commitment to excellence and attention to detail at every stage in the production process is also what helps to make Stedek unique.

We take great pride in getting the products right the first time. Our rigorous QC checking processes mean that nothing ever leaves our factory unless it’s 100%.

What’s more we operate under a strict industry specific quality management process and have successfully maintained the CMS Gold Standard since joining in 2018.

28 years and counting of technical knowledge, fabrication excellence and customer focused service.

Established in 1994 Stedek have nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience which makes us a highly respected and trusted fabricator in the industry. This is proven with our long standing customer relationships and the trusted supply chain partners.

Installers come to Stedek because they know there isn’t a job too big, too small or too complex that we won’t be able to tackle.

And while we might not be the very cheapest or our turnaround the quickest, we can say they’re always right and that we will always do the very best we can.  

Unrivalled customer service.

Our customer service revolves around always being ready to go the extra mile to provide customers with Residence windows that are truly world-class.

We do our utmost to make sure there’s always someone here to deal with any queries you might have, no matter how complex the project.

And far from leaving our installers in the dark, we keep them updated with project progress or if there are any problems. And we always deliver when we say we will.

Only by adding all of these factors together are we able to create Residence Excellence from Stedek, the only complete solution.

Stedek with Timberweld.

Creating #ResidenceExcellence