It seems like only yesterday but believe it or not it has been nearly a year since changes in ventilation regulations took force and whilst the vast majority of windows have had standard vents applied and fitted the higher number of vents supplied has triggered a demand for higher quality, better finished, better matching vents.

Of all the products we manufacture vents on flush casements have been the source of most of the conversations, perhaps vents in “normal” windows are more commonplace or more widely accepted but in the case of flush it seems every loophole was being extorted to avoid them until the rules became more strict. Now that they are required more often, their placement and the quality of the vents has become hot topic.

Firstly, placement – Vents have moved from in the sashes moreover to in the heads of frames, Residence Collection windows all benefit from a fairly large standard outer frame so often this is achieved without the addition of an add on. That said of course, an add on does exist to give 20mm extra clearance on the internal plasterline.

Glazpart Link Vent

It seems that vents in the head rather than the sashes allow the flush sashes to retain their overall appearance, vents in the sashes seem more obvious more obtrusive and less attractive.

However, vents are still specified in sashes and its here where the standard of the vent, the colour match and the finish need to improve.

After a careful review of the market offering, Stedek are delighted to announce our partnership with Glazpart, a UK based, NFA 22 award winning specialist in the design and manufacture of Plastic Glazing Accessories for the Fenestration Industry with specialised knowledge in Glazing Accessory and Ventilation products.

With 21 through colour moulded colours in standard stock it’s hard to find a vent that doesn’t perfectly match a vent, but the range doesn’t stop there. The big deal is their vacuum foiled range of specialist oak finishes finally give Residence Collection English Oak, Silvered Oak and Irish Oak a genuine match. The foiled finish is a game changer in vent colour matching and a leap forward for the installer struggling to get homeowners to accept vents when they really don’t want them but must.

Glazpart Link Vent

The benefits to our customers don’t stop their either. The latest LinkVent product we selected from the Glazpart range has a unique clip fit feature that removes the need to screw fix the vent to the sash. This saves hours and hours on site over the course of a year and completely eliminates the risk of accidentally fixing the vent in the wrong position or slipping with the drill when screwing the vent in place damaging the sash.

Overall, the new vent offers the widest colour and finish range, and the simplest method of fixing – simply put the most ‘fitter-friendly’ vents on the market.

Get in touch today if you need further help or assistance with any further requirements, we’d be more than happy to offer our expert advice.